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About Company

Mission is to bring the power of Indian Agriculture Intelligence (AI).

Kropbook Agritech Private Limited mainly established to develop new technologies in the field of agriculture. Our vision is increase the crop production and profitability of the small scale farmers with the help of our new Agri technologies.

We provide complete solution to farmers from crop cultivation To exports. We welcome to our latest technology called Agriculture Intelligence (AI).With the help of our technology modern farming will be easier.

Why Us?

Learning Kropbook

We have started online training program called Kropbook Learning. With the help of this program, farmers will get complete information about all kinds of modern technology and crops from planting to exports.

High Quality Solution

We create a wide range of innovations for the agricultural sector using agriculture intelligence and modern technology. This research and innovation is very beneficial to the farmers.

Local to Global

With the help of Kropbook Buy and Sell Portal, farmers can export their produce in higher rates directly to abroad without any middle man.

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services and solutions


To increase production by using modern technology to traditional agriculture concept.

Agriculture Intelligence

Innovation and research in the field of agriculture with the help of Agriculture Intelligence.

Buy & Sell

Assurance of sale and purchase of agricultural commodities and farm implements within the State without commission to the Middle Man.


Ensuring direct export of all types of agricultural commodities and other products to abroad.

Questions Raise your Eyebrows.

  • How to express your "tech based" work with farmers?

    Indian farmers are the backbone of our country. Of course, 60 to 70 percent of the work force in our country works in the agricultural sector. But the farmers have to face many difficulties in their daily life, out of which they have very little information about buying and selling of agricultural commodities, new information on advanced agricultural technology and use of modern technology. So we understand this problem so we have started a program called kropbook Learning. Through this program, farmers will learn the full lessons of growing any type of crop from export to export. If some farmer friends cannot use internet and other technology, they can get complete information by calling our helpline number. For this we have started 24 hours farmer support call center facility.

  • Why are you saying AI as Agriculture Intelligence?

    Our India is an agricultural country. Many farmers in the country have to face a lot of difficulties while farming in their daily life. However, keeping in mind all these difficulties, we have developed some agricultural implements and new technologies using machine learning technology through the concept of kropbook Agriculture Intelligent. With the help of all these modern technologies, it will be easier for the farmers to cultivate and harvest any crop. At the same time they will not have to incur unnecessary expenses.

  • How your innovations comply with traditional farming?

    Indian farmers always do traditional farming but this habit always makes a good impression on the minds of the people. But today, given the need of the hour, climate change and lack of modern technology can be a huge loss to the farmer. We have done some research using technology and also built machines to prevent damage from such a natural disaster. With the help of all these researches we have been able to get the daily data of the field e.g. Weather forecast as well as soil moisture stores information among other things. In addition, we always tell farmers about research on different types of crops and its benefits. This research is done by our expert team.